Always Maintain Integrity


A good choice in life.

Remember, this page is in Black & White, but our choices in life rarely are.  So, do your best.

Expect it of others.

Require our politicians to do the same.


Things you can to do help.

1.    Do not offer bribes.

2.    Do not accept bribes.

3.    Report those who request or offer bribes.

4.    Vote for people who are truly against corruption.

5.    Tell your local politicians to put a Zero Tolerance Policy in effect for bribery / corruption in your city.  If they say no, ask them why not!

a.    If an inspector asks for or takes a bribe.  Fire them on the spot.

b.   The same for city commissioners, mayors, law enforcement officers, etc.

6.    Encourage others to Always Maintain Integrity.

7.    Do your best to Always Maintain Integrity.

8.    Define, in writing, to yourself, what is your definition, in your life, at this time, for you to Always    Maintain Integrity.

9.    Make promises only when you can and will keep them.

10.                  Be a good neighbor.

11.                  Always use turn signals when you drive, just a pet peeve of mine.

12.                  Apologize when you realize you were wrong.